Friday, 2 March 2012

Moved and Arrived!

Welcome - I have created this blog - and will delete (qgsa.blogspot) in due course. The new blog uses the Guild infoline instead of my personal address so will be better in the long term. Thanks to the followers who are 'really' having to 'follow' me about. I hope to see your links arriving shortly. I have had an interesting week on this learning curve and won't move anywhere else anytime soon. I feel sure I can now assist if anyone from the Teachers Forum needs help with set this up for themselves. Kay is going first!


  1. I have copy and pasted the URL into my google reader but you may need to put a Followers widget into the sidebar of the blog. You have one in the old blog on the right sidebar.

  2. Thanks Pip. I will take a look. I didn't do anything (as far as I know) on the other one, people joined and it happened automatically.

  3. ok - followers field in place ... please enter at will!